Serving Fargo and Changing Lives for

10 Years

Jordan and Gina Schumacher are the owners of Aging in Place Remodeling.  Gina runs the business and Jordan is a school principal in Fargo.  They’ve been in business for 10 years and are proud of the reputation they have.  They use the best quality material and provide exceptional customer service.  Customer satisfaction is their top priority.  


Gina also owns Luxury Bath of Fargo and in 2019 began Aging In Place Remodeling.  Gina noticed the trend of people tearing out their tub and installing walk-in showers.  Many of these homeowners also needed other remodeling done around the house to improve safety but didn’t know whom to call.  Due to this issue, Gina decided it was time to look into other services and products that could help people stay home safely as long as possible.

Meet the Owner

“My grandpa was in a nursing home for 23 years.  It's necessary for some people,  however, I would want to do everything possible to stay home before moving to a nursing home.  For as much as it costs for one month in a home, a lot of things can be done around the house to improve safety.  Aging In Place Remodeling is passionate about helping you or your loved one stay where they want to be.”

Gina Schumacher, VP

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