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Conversions/Wheel In
Walk thru/tubs

Tub to Shower Conversion

We can remove your high sided tub and install a walk-in shower.  The threshold can be as low as 1/4" start to a ramp, 2” or 3.5” high.

Wheel In


We can take out a higher threshold shower and install a flat or ramped shower pan so the area becomes accessible for wheelchairs.

Walk Through


If redoing the full tub area into a walk-in shower, we are able to cut a section of your threshold so you can enter and exit easier than stepping over the tub.

Walk In


The tub or shower unit that’s currently in the bathroom is removed then we install a walk-in tub with a door.  The seat in the tub is 17” high with built in grab bars, and the ability to still take a shower. Plus, optional jets make it like a personal hot tub.  Soaking in water can be such a benefit for aches and pains!  Plus a good way to get rid of the winter chill in our area!



Grab bars around the house are helpful.  Near the toilet, in the shower, near a doorway, wherever you need one, we can install one.



This is a great option for homeowners in a split level, two story house or ranch with a basement.  No more dangerous stairs to get to the area of house you want to be.  Stair lifts are easily installed and give homeowners a great feeling of independence.


Front steps can be a pain for someone using a walker and impossible for someone in a wheelchair.  Make it easy to go in and out of your house.  


Railings by an entry door and down a hallway can be a really big benefit for those who are having balance issues.

Move Washer

& Dryer

Living in a ranch style home is wonderful for Aging In Place… but if your washer and dryer are in the basement, carrying laundry up and down the stairs could be a real danger.  Moving it to the main floor is a great option.

Call Us


We are happy to come to your house and do an assessment with you.  We can help with broken concrete that could become a trip hazard, uneven landscaping in your usual walkway, or anything you may need to make your home safe.

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